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Getting the agents to stay...

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Our team has pioneered technology and online lead generation for the Real Estate industry for almost 20 years.

We helped one large independent company who was doing almost nothing online go from 20 leads/month to over 1000 leads/month in one year.

We pioneered content for real estate websites even having one of our team members flown to GOOGLE HQ to consult with their real estate specialists about our cutting-edge content.
Keeping those that you've recruited is the next challenge. It is important to provide an environment of success which includes having good team members surrounding them and good tools for them to use.

Lead Generation
After the right personalities are in place and a good team chemistry is developed, it's key to use the "group power' to generate leads. Leads are not only a good retention tool, but a profit center for the company as well.

The website is the best start for this. Having a well-developed website with good content that is friendly to marketing tools and search engines is key. It needs to be mobile-friendly as well. If you would like to score your current website with a FREE GOOGLE TOOL, click here.
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The score you receive is about speed, which is one of the main factors in keeping a visitor on your site long enough to become a lead.
It's not the only consideration to a good, lead-producing website but it's the start. Once your site has good speed, it has to have good content in the right places to bring that lead in. Our "Above the Fold" test is specific to a Real Estate Website and what makes it effective.

We give you the advantage with the best tools for generating leads, servicing those leads and closing them.