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Blueprint to a successful brokerage

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A successful brokerage starts with Recruiting. Who you have on your "bus" does much to determine the success of the team. Meshing personalities, finding motivations, etc. are the beginning of a successful company.

We have training and coaches available to help managers learn to identify the ideal candidates to recruit and tools to give them for an advantage in their marketplace.

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Keeping those that you've recruited is the next challenge. It is important to provide an environment of success which includes having good team members, effectively supporting them and surrounding them with good tools.

We can give you a significant advantage over the competition with proven tools that:

• Improve internal Communication
• Create and maintain a respectable image for you and your agents
• Have systems in place that maximize success
• Improve support for everyone
• Utilize the best methods for lead generation and incubation to increase the chance for profits.

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The productivity and efficiency of an agent is crucial to their happiness. The best thing you can do for an agent is help them develop to a point where they don't need you to succeed ... but they want you to be part of their business for increased success.

We help you provide value with high-level training and coaching opportunities and show you the best tools you can provide to help them be at their best.

The goal is to bring out the best in each team member. If you've found them worth having on your team, it's worth investing the time to find what can motivate them.
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Once you've fostered PRODUCTIVITY, you can have PROFITABILITY. EACH agent within your ranks is an opportunity. Many of the commission dollars you pay them are spent for business tools, services that YOU can provide more effectively using your knowledge and collective buying power. Some of it is necessary and some is just practical.

EACH transaction your agents do presents more opportunity. MOST brokerages underutilize their opportunities for profit. We help you make more of each opportunity with proven products, partnerships and affiliate management tools.

We GUARANTEE you will make more money bottom line and have happier agents.